Sun Screen Velvet Face Cream SPF 50+


An award winning and innovative sun protection face cream with a unique velvety texture. Sun Screen Velvet protects the skin from photo-ageing and discolouration caused by sun exposure. The cream has a revolutionary Second Skin Technology, which gives a matte appearance for 6 hours after application, absorbs excess oil and softens the appearance of wrinkles. The sunscreen’s clear, non-oily texture leaves no white marks and makes an excellent base for makeup.

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Fragrance Free
  • Parabens Free
  • Non-Comedogenic

Action – Active Ingredients

  • Ethyl Ferulate | Carnosolic Acid | Uridine Monophosphate: Stem cells protection | Enhancement of DNA self-repair mechanisms
  • Elastomer: High protection and skin wellness | Invisible “second skin” film
  • Micro-prismatic Crystals: Protection from free radicals | Wrinkle alleviation
  • P.I.P System Plus | DHHB Filter

Suitable For

  • Fair phototypes, photosensitive skin
  • Prevention of photo-ageing
  • Skin with nevi, Scars and tattoos
  • Acne skin
  • Protection from discolorations
  • During sun prohibiting medical treatment & Post laser
  • Melanoma background
  • Make-up primer
  • All skin types
  • All ages